About Us

Our Story

In 2004 two friends, Tom Thompson and Tony Morgan, started Rock Solid Coffee Company. We started with independent grocers in mind. Tom coming from a life experience of 30 years owning and managing independent grocery stores; and Tony coming from a life experience of sales and development we started this journey to build a coffee company to serve local grocery stores in the Midwest.

With a passion in our hearts our education in coffee began. We started with a loan, a van, a credit card, a cell phone and the grace of God. Just a note, neither of us was tech savvy. We were not experienced cell phone user nor were we computer literate. It truly was an education.

One of our greatest blessing was having Tom's grocery stores to do our test marketing. We knew we had a viable product when we went head-to-head with two of the largest grocery store bulk coffee companies in the country and won. We beat the sales of both 8 to 1 utilizing only half the placement space.

Our Motto

Less is more if you want it out the door, is our motto. No one wants to buy brown bananas or shriveled apples. Why would anyone want to buy coffee that has been in a warehouse for months and in the stockroom of a grocery store for weeks? We decided to roast our coffee in small batches when ordered. Our coffee is then delivered in 1 to 3 days by UPS or SPEE-DEE. We have built our company on this statement "Up to a standard not down to a price,”.

In 2009 we moved our roasting business and offices to Buffalo, Minnesota. Steven Olson is our master roaster with 30 years of experience. In Steven's qualified hands our coffee has hit new heights of excellence. We are very proud to be a part of small town in Minnesota with it's high work ethics.

No journey is without bumps and bruises and we have had our share, but by the grace of God we continued. Today we sell our coffee in 10 states. We thank all of our valued customers and friends for their support.

Tom Thompson and Tony Morgan founders Rock Solid Coffee Company

Socially Responsible

We pay premium prices to sustainable farmers who nurture their land and provide dignified conditions to their employees.

Finest Specialty Coffees

We source and select only the finest, highest grown Arabica beans flavored for their characteristic sweetness and robust, nuanced flavor.

Fresh Roasted in Small Batches

Each batch of coffee is carefully crafted by our artisan roaster upon order - NO Warehousing.